Beaujolais Nouveau in Chez Greg

Have you ever heard about Beaujolais Nouveau? It is one of the best known export wines from France. Do you know what makes it so special? Why it can be only be sold after third Thursday in November? Read more in our new article.

Beaujolais had always been the wine for the celebration of the end of the harvest. The fact is until World War II, it was available only for locals. Established in 1937, Beaujolais AOC rules means, that it can be only officially sold after the 15th December in the year of harvest. Later, in 1951 was formally set that November the 15th would be the release date of Beaujolais Nouveau.

How is it made?

The primary role in the Beaujolais play is the grape called Gamay. All the grapes must be picked up by hand. It comes from the Beaujolais AOC and grows in stony soils. It is young wine bottled only 6-8 weeks after harvest.

The colour is purple-pink with almost no tannins. When you try Beaujolais, you would feel fruity flavours of banana, grape, strawberry, fig or pear. It should be best served chilled to 13 °C. The young wine is intended for immediate drinking since it does not improve by the years.

40 % of Beaujolais is exported

The production of Nouveau is about 25 % of  overall production in Beaujolais. In 2017, almost 2000 differents winemakers produced 27.5 million cases. From this amount, almost 40 % is exported abroad. Surprisingly, the main importer is Japan.

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Beaujolais Nouveau is not for everyone

Wine critics often criticize Beaujolais Nouveau for lack of complexity. According to them it is inmature and simple. Of course this wine is not round, full of deep flavours.

But it is inevitable part in the table of every French wine lover. This wine should definitely be enjoyed rather than analyzed or qualified.

You can find Beaujolais nouveau in Chez Greg stores right now. And if you are not a big fan of this particular wine, you will find more attractive red wines that would satisfy your taste and preference. Come and taste, friends. Santé!