History of wine :

Who made the first wine? Where was the first vineyard?

Appeared there is eight thousand years in the fertile cradle of the Near East, the wine crossed the biggest civilizations of the Antiquity: Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Celtic…

The wine inspired very big masterpieces. Its story is the one peoples of the Antiquity. Its shows cultural exchanges, commercial ways, technological and social progress.

First vineyard :

The first vineyard was planted somewhere between current Turkey, Georgia and Armenia 7000 years ago. It is true that in this region, in the climate and in the reliefs convenient to the culture of the vineyard, this one grew formerly to the wild state.

Wine, major element of the civilization :

The essential point during this first period of the history of wine, is that the Greeks then antiquity Roman granted him a big place in their life. For that reason and especially for its religious or ritual use, wine became a major element of the western civilization. At the time of antique Greece, China also knew the wine, but did not really exploit it.

Modern and contemporary wine :

In the Renaissance, wine circulates by the road, by sea, by rivers and canals, in barrels, in casks and in vessels… A new type of packaging, the glass bottle, is put in circulation and use of the cork reappears for the manufacturing of corks.

Of the Loire valley near Paris and in  Paris and the surrounding area, the country covers itself with vineyards. Producing originally a quality wine, Parisian vineyard loses, in the XVIIIth century, its noble vines for the benefit of the gamay, which allows a plentiful but mediocre production. Champagne gives birth to a wine which will soon become famous.

Until the middle of the XXth century, the wine-making techniques and the vinification methods grow rich but without evolving a lot.

Did you know?

For the man in the Middle Ages, wine or beer was not a luxury, but a necessity.

Cities offered an impure, often dangerous water. Playing the role of an antiseptic, the wine was an element of the rudimentary medicine of the time. He was mixed with the water to return this one drinkable, otherwise drinkable. The water was rarely drunk pure, at least in cities.