How to choose wine?

Four small advice from Chez Greg :

  • Importance of the vintage wine:

The vintage of wine is very important indicator concerning the quality of a wine. It correspond to the crop year of the grape which served to make it. Every year is not alike! The weather conditions vary and can influence the quality of the wine. Red wine is particularly sensitive to temperatures and bad weather. For example, a bottle stemming from a scorching year will have to be rather quickly drunk, while a vineyard collected during a moderate year can keep and be aged.

  • The price is not a quality value:

Price is often a determining value during purchase of a bottle. If it can actually be a relevant indicator, it shouldn’t be the only motivation of your purchase. It is possible to find good wines in 5€. Everything depends on what you look for and of opportunity to open it.

You can take a very expensive wine and be disappointed, because it will not be advisable necessarily your taste bud or will have too early been opened to have had time to free all its potential.

Fit then purchase to your budget, but also to your needs.

  • Taste before if possible:

Often more difficult to say that to make, it is recommended to enjoy a wine before buying it, in particular if its price is raised. For that purpose, we recommend you to come in our stores Chez Greg. We regularly orgazine tastings. You can also participate in Wine fairs where we are regularly present. It is the best way to acquire delicious wine and to be advised by a professional.

  • Be allowed guide:

Before searching for the perfect bottle, inquire about our web site ” ” or with various available guides. You will find prestigious vintages there. It is the opportunity to perfect your oenological knowledge.

Did you know?

Color of red wine can inform about its identity. A wine presenting a dress (or color) intense and dark is associated with an idea of concentration. On the contrary, a clearer wine suggests a lighter, more fluid, less tannic mouth. By simple visual observation, wine taster can already get an idea of the gustative personality of wine … and even, sometimes, deduct his origin.