How to keep wine?

Some good tips from Chez Greg, not only for French wines!!

  1. Temperature: a constant freshness

The wine must be kept for a temperature between 10 and 12°C ideally. Otherwise it will age prematurely and badly (Losing its color and freshness of its aromas). But it’s mainly brutal fluctuations in temperature that it’s necessary to avoid (unless its evolves slowly). The wine infiltrates around the cork, leaving a sticky sediment on the capsule.

  1. Light : enemy of wine

The light damages the wine, especially white wines and the sparkling wines to which it eventually gives a taste of rotten egg. To be able to circulate in the cellar, put a low power bulb.

  1. High humidity

The ideal humidity is from 75 % to 80 %. A too big humidity can affect labels, which come loose, and corks, by causing moulds. More dangerous is a lack of humidity: it will dry out corks.

  1. A good ventilation, but without drafts

The traffic of air is essential, although it can raise temperature. A good cellar should possess air intakes or ventilators allowing outside air to penetrate and to circulate. But it’s also necessary to be able to neutralize air intakes when it’s very cold or very warmly.

  1. Cleanliness : watch out for bad smells

It’s necessary to clean the cellar before storing wine there with an odourless disinfectant to eliminate moulds and insects.

  1. Tranquillity : avoid vibrations

When they are frequent, the strong vibrations can damage the quality of wine, when they come from inside or from outside. They especially make age the faster wine.

If your bottle is already opened :

Think of recorking your bottle, air has at first a beneficial effect for wine because it allows it to express itself at best and to reveal aromas. However, in the long run this process eventually weakens the wine. Oxidation attacks in particular alcohol which is transformed little by little there éthanal and into acetic acid, to end in vinegar. More a bottle contains of air, more we reduce shelf life.