Music festival and wine: a perfect harmony

On the occasion of the music festival in France June 21st, Chez Greg recommends you some associations with music:

When we taste wine, naturally used senses are the view, sense of smell and taste. But for several years, studies demonstrated influence of the hearing on tasting of wine: our perception would depend on music which accompanies us! Indeed, characteristics and style of the song would find themselves in the tasted wine: listen to a piece give rhythm in a high volume and your Cabernet sauvignon will seem to you richer and more robust! On the contrary with an air melody, your Chardonnay will seem to you fresh and ligh. Music would stimulate in fact zones of the brain usually not used during the tasting. Their “activation” would influence our perception to supply information with coherence with all the senses put on alert.

A tasting of wine is given rhythm by notions which we find in music: the attack, the power, the intensity, the volume, the depth, the aromatic marks, the harmony…  Also let us note that the lexicon of wine and that of musical analysis have several words in common: ” beautiful attack “, “harmony”, “power”, “elegance”, “depth”, “finale”.

Every musical and oenological moment is different. A glass of wine doesn’t still get same sensations, just like the listening of a music is never identical. Music and wine call on to emotions and to memories of each.

Why wouldn’t you go in search of wine and music harmony which will delight ear and tongue?

For classical music, for example, Chez Greg suggests you:

  • “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”, cheerful and light, by tasting a JM Tissier Champagne rosé.

  • Chablis Grand Cru Blanchot go well with languishing and subtle harmony of a Boccherini.

  • Grand Bourgogne (Mercurey) is raised by the best music score of Dizzy Gillespie.