Where and how to buy some wine?

You can find some wine in several places which are :

  • At cellarman : Cellarman remains for the city-dweller the main intermediary between producer and consumer. Chez Greg possess a certificate to answer at best your expectations. We distinguish ourselves by our availability, our love and knowledge of wine. We regularly go in vineyards or in show to find the best values for money that we have pleasure to make discover to our customers. If you search for some French wine in Prague, Chez Greg proposes you a wonderful selection of wine.

  • At winemakers : Wine which we enjoy at the property was not played up in transport nor badly kept. On the spot we can observe everything: the state of vineyards and grounds, maintenance and equipment of the cellar. We can find wines there little spread because of their restricted production. Furthermore, it allows us to widen our culture of the wine.
  • At shows and fairs : Winemakers come to meeting consumers. If the demonstration gathers many producers, it’s necessary to prepare its visit by organizing for example its tastings around a theme or by selecting in advance stands to be visited.

You can also use guides of purchase:

Every year are published guides of purchase which distinguish themselves by their presentation. Some present bests domains or best wines for every appellation or soil, others select rather ” small price ” or present wines in hypermarkets.

Other small advices :

First of all, if you are amateur, useless to kick you towards too old wines, because they didn’t maybe find a buyer or they are not simply a very good vintage wine.

Then, be attentive in the year of wine: for example 2009 and 2010 are good vintage.

Finally, prefer typical bottles Magnum when you wish to preserve bottles for a long time. And look, at labels to favor craftsman’s wines with limited productions.